Master Course

Master Course

This course is for the experienced Forex trader who wish to take their trading to the next level. The in-depth exploration of the essential trading techniques and tools prepares the student to self-diagnose issues and to use this awareness to improve their trading efficiency

Successful completion of Advance Course is highly recommended.
The course fee is $999 USD and includes 30 days of Academic and Projection webinars for free.


Technical analysis
Elliot Waves
Trend lines
Manage traditional Fibonacci
Manage Fibonacci Projections™
Fibonacci trading relations
Applying double Fibonacci projections
Establishing time cycles
Establishing time vs. price relations
Using Fibonacci time relations
Estimating retracement
Time trend lines
Geometry patterns
Applying geometry trading
Proportions management
Establishing patterns
Establishing proportions
Using time in Elliott Waves
Elliott Wave counting case studies
Introduction to the system
Fibonacci Price Projection
Fibonacci Time Projections
Trading geometry
Mastering Elliott Waves

Key Course Benefits
This personalized course is designed to bring self- awareness into the trading arena and to address issues beyond technical analysis.

Time Commitment
Courses conducted in Lekki, Lagos for 3 hours per week over 4 weeks.. Out of town students can sign up for a condensed one-day course.

Successful completion of the Advanced Course is highly recommended.

The course fee is $999 USD and includes 30 days webinars for free.

Stay up to date.
Designed for academic purposes only, our Webinars compliment and reinforce the knowledge and skills our students acquire in class, including the application of our trading system in real market situation.