Pips Conference

Pips Conference

The Pips Conference is Nigeria’s first ever business finance show and is set to be an annual event. The event brings together local, regional and international financial service providers and suppliers whilst giving them a rare platform to showcase their products and services, network and mutually exchange best practices. During the 5-day event, the first and second day will have our speakers at four locations (Abuja and Port Harcourt, Calabar, Ibadan) to pump the remaining three day occasion in Lagos a welcoming package. The first two days in Lagos are business to business days whilst the third day is open to the general public. Presentations and seminars organized by Skye Bank featuring captains of industry and international speakers will captive the audience in line with theme and current global financial trends.

Event Theme:

Why Pips Conference:
A finance specific event like PipsConf facilitates an organized exposure to the niche. Exhibitors get a more sincere profile of visitors as they will come on finance or related business? The event is also inspired by the need to inflate statistics of the bankable population in Nigeria which is at appalling levels encouraging Nigerians to bank and invest.

The role of the SME’s cannot be overemphasized in any economy hence need to financially empower them. New and existing banks and financial service providers have left businesses and the general public with numerous options to choose from, therefore PipsConf is the only platform that brings financial services and products all under one roof enabling your target market to find services that suit their needs?

Visitor Profile:
Professionals from commercial banks, insurance companies and brokers, leasing companies, investment companies, agricultural sector, mining sector, tourism sector, manufacturing sector, local and foreign investors, marketing agencies, stock brokers, the general public etc.

Exhibitor Profile:
Profiles for exhibitors includes Banking services, credit, insurance, insurance services, leasing, investment, micro-finance, bureau de change, consulting, retail banking solutions, electronic banking, internet banking, mobile banking, regional and international suppliers of specialized equipment and IT for the financial sector, regulators etc. Regional financial service providers from Zimbabwe, South Africa, UK and Russia will also be exhibiting.

Post PipsConf Tour:
PipsConf will have participants and investors from the region and Europe. After the show, our visitors will be taken on a tour of Lagos in order to gain an appreciation of our tourism products and services, cultural diversity and the warm of the Nigerian people. This part of the event is in partnership with Federal Tour Nigeria

During the 3-day exhibition, seminars, presentations and cocktails on the first two days of the event will provide exhibitors and visitors superior networking opportunities.

Media Alliance:
PipsConf has a strong media alliance guaranteeing exhibitors, cooperating partners and sponsors mileage for their participation. The Daar Communications will be the official broadcast media partner, whilst the ThisDay Newspaper is the official print media partner. Daar Communications will promote, cover the event and air it on three consecutive weekly programs on TV and radio. The Daily Mail will have a dedicated weekly column on the event, carry adverts and on day-1 one of the events carry a PipsConf supplement featuring all exhibitors. Both media organizations will extensively cover the event leading to and during the show days.