Pipsfinder goal to reach out to retail trading community is to use PipsHub that will be spanning across most major Nigerian cities – with more being added monthly.

PipsHub will be run by a team of retail traders, the aim is to lift the lid on the practical skills necessary for Retail Traders to actively get involved and trade the world’s largest market with confidence – we call ourselves “ever improving traders” for a reason !

Here’s Seven good reasons to join the PipsHub:

Conflict Free: Because we’re run by retail traders for retail traders – and financed entirely by advertising – we won’t try to sell you anything !

Established: We’re the Nigeria’s only nationwide retail trading community – now several thousand strong – and active in 2 major Nigerian cities

Ideal: For forex, barter, insurance, cryptocoin and auction of all levels

Enjoy: Free membership, regular Workshops, Seminars & Social Events – Nationwide

Come along: Our trading events are free – Meet real traders, real brokers, ask questions, make real friends

Receive: Regular trading calendars, weekly wraps, market news & analysis – All written by our in-house chief analyst and delivered straight to your inbox

Brokers: We know and like our partner brokers and we’d like you to meet them too at one of our many events

You can connect with PipsHub on all soccial media @PipsHub

Sponsorship: We are currently considering a select few brokers to sponsor our Nationwide Retail Trading Community. If you represent a broker house, would like to physically meet our membership, can add value to our events and the retail trading experience as a whole, and are interested in a unique sponsorship opportunity, then please feel free to make contact HERE.