Traders Contract

Traders Contract

I am excited to work with you. Here is what you can expect from me:

a. Conference is all day today and advice anytime during and after the training program. It is very difficult to reach me by phone, but I am willing to speak with you anytime, my skype ID is “pipsfinder”. The fastest and easiest way to get an answer about the training is by sending an email to me,
b. The use of any methodology that I am going to teach you today and training materials.
c. I will show you exactly what I trade and how I trade it, and 95% of the time, I will show you the setups well before they happen.
d. Expiration date on the training is today. I will give you the foundation of your training; make sure that you understand the training material.
e. Training Signal is also available if you want and you can sign up for it after the training day

Here’s what you agree to:
a. I agree to pay for the conference in full.
b. I promise that I will not risk more than 1% on any trade, whether demo or live trading.
c. I promise that I will focus on one method of trading.
d. I will become great at one method of trading through testing.
e. I promise that I will complete the conference course, even if it is not easy or convenient for me to do so.
f. I promise that I will allow myself to be held accountable for this agreement.
g. I promise to write my trading business plan
h. I promise to keep a trading journal of all my trades
i. I promise that I will review this contract for 5 minutes each day after I wake up. This will ensure that I keep my promises.
j. I promise that if I am struggling with my progress, that I will contact someone else in this room, including Mayo
Full Name Phone Number

Email Address

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